Reminder….”At Your Service” Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 17.04.2009– 27.06.2009

Opening Reception: 16.04.2009 from 6.30pm- 9pm

Cylena Simonds presents a Group show “At Your Service” which engages the concept and dynamics of the service and hospitality industries in today’s political and social climate, and brings together a wide range of artwork from emerging international artists Raul Ortega Ayala, Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson, Sue Collis, Yara El Sherbini, David Ersser,  Mauricio Guillen, Graham Hudson, Gayle Chong Kwan, Harold Offeh,  Nada Prlja, Ana Prvacki, Manuela Ribadeneira, and Paul Rooney.

The work in At your Service ranges from sculptural objects to photography and video as well as featuring specially commissioned performances taking place both within the gallery and in public locations.

 Cylena Simonds is an American independent Curator based in London. Her practice involves working with the politics of representation and the representation of politics within contemporary art.

The exhibition is a launch of a Curator Series at the David Roberts Art Foundation Fitzrovia –  111 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 6RY –


Top views of the week!!!

Here are some “must see” exhibitions for your diary:-

* Voo-Doo “Hoochie Coochie and the creative spirit” at Riflemaker  – a group show that features artists, writers and musicians, who unlock the mystery of the creative act ….the rousing of the spirits from within.

Using this spirit or voodoo as a parallel to the processes that artists go through in the making of their work, Riflemaker present three floors of a wishing machine on entering gallery; photographs depicting sacred cows; an ultra- creepy dolls room with creaking floorboards….for full effect; “dream books”; fragrance machines and wax ovens.

This exhibition is on until Saturday 4th April 2009 – for further information  see

* “Low Relief” by John RiddyFrith Street Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs of  London which Riddy uses as his subject. All the pictures were taken in Autumn and Winter when structures and forms are more apparent. They are intentionally descriptive and show various images of  buildings such as the Bank of England, The Garrick Club and a South London Housing Estate.

This exhibition is on until 1st May 2009 – for further information see

* “Cabinet Afrique” –  Both Caroline Achaintre and Ursula Mayer’s works are being shown at Cell Project Space. These two artists re visit the fascination of art history’s movements of  Surrealism and the avant-garde.

Achaintre uses the medium of sculpture which uses the methods associated with the applied arts, whilst Mayer uses film entitled “The Lunch in Fur” (2008) which dismantles the cinematic narrative and recreates the space as a performative stage.

This exhibition is on until 19th April 2009 – for further information see

a place called limbo…Exhibition for one week only!!

Last night,  was the opening night of a group show featuring 10 artists Jane Grisewood; Harriet Heddon; Chris Koning; Mike Latto; Arabella Lee; John O’Connell; Kriton Papadopoulus; Claire Robertson; Pauline Thomas and Ken Wilder.

The context of this exhibition , originated from Arabella Lee’s subject matter of burial grounds in Ireland which lay unbaptised children, and the title of the show is taken from a poem written by Coleridge  “Limbo” as the focus.

The artists’ varied mediums of drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, and installation responds to and explores this intermediate state.

With this historical element in mind, the works are exhibited in a very relevant space,  The Crypt Gallery beneath St Pancras Church, which is an array of passageways and vaults where many bodies have been laid to rest since the 19th century. The eerie underground atmosphere of this burial ground, alongside the damp smells that emanate from it evokes this past.

The two pieces of work which stood out for me , were Jane Grisewood’s installation “Between Time” made out of burnt pitta bread and suspended with nylon thread (pictured), and Pauline Thomas’  Bible and Prayer Book installation “Fettered from Flight”.


This exhibition is open daily 12-5pm until 14th March 2009.

For further details  see

Ed Pien – Group Show in Berlin

Ed Pien a Taiwanese artist based in Toronto Canada,  is currently in a group show “Cut Out – to draw with a knife” showing his intricate paper cut drawings “Hokuspokus” and “Abrakadabra” which creates mysterious space layerings.

These works are being shown at Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Heidestrasse 46-52, 10557 Berlin Germany.

Exhibition is on until 19.04.09.

For further details e-mail : 

For further information about Ed Pien , or to view images of his work see his website