Exhibitions to see!!!

Here are my Top 3 selection of “must see” exhibitions………

*Currents of Time” is a new work by artist Zineb Sidera  whose films reflect her interest in migration, mobility and displacement. The themes resonate with her own background of Algerian immigrant parents who fled their homeland to Paris due to war.

Her most recent film “Floating Coffins(2009) is  presented as a 14 screen video installation and 10 speakers which envelops the viewer and enhances the experience on a profound level. Alongside these there are 2 other installations with light boxes and photographs.

This exhibition is on until 25th July 2009, and has been curated by arts organisation  inIVA (Institute of International Visual Arts), who are based in Rivington St, London EC1.

In addition to this at inIVA’s Education space there are a series of mapping exhibitions “Off the Map” which presents work produced in the 2009 Creative Mapping Projects. These projects explore the potential of a new cartographic language using social issues of identity and location.

This exhibition is on until 11th July 2009 and will change on a weekly basis

For further details see website www.iniva.org

* “The Golden Space City of God” – Richard Grayson

Matts Gallery in E3 presents a large scale video installation with sound conceived and directed by artist Richard Grayson, which features a new choral work performed by a 26 piece choir based in San Antonio Texas.

The score composed by Leo Chadburn is based on a limbretto by the artist which appear as subtitles in the video work. It is based on texts  that give detailed prediction of events leading to the end of the world, drawn from the Bible’s Book of Revelations. This re-imagined fictional piece describes the widespread economic and social unrest that will spread across the globe folllowing an oil crisis and the collapse of dollar-based economies.

This work very relevant in today’s credit crunching climate of financial chaos and parliamentary collapse……

Go see for yourself……..

This show is on until 28th June 2009. See www.mattsgallery.org for location details etc.