6 Days Goodbye Poems of Ophelia

One of the highlights of my First Thursdays shenannigans last week, was an opening surreal performance of JoWonder And The Psychic Tea Leaves,held in a church belfry in uber cool Bethnal Green.

The interactive performance added a new dimension to the Ophelia story, with audience participation required to take part in a ritual with “eye” props & psychic tea readings & ridding bad spirits with a series of chants.

Animated bacterial paintings are projected on the walls depicting  Ophelia which were filmed in time lapse over six days. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet Ophelia drowns and is suspected of suicide. This Ophelia finds her true self in a place between life and death receiving messages across time and space on an electronic answer phone.

At the end of the animation a telephone number is displayed for the viewer to leave a “message” for Ophelia which provides a fun element.

A definate one to catch if you can, along with the stunning architecture of this grade one-listed church, provides an appropriate site to show this piece.

Bacterial research funded by The Wellcome Trust in collaboration with Dr Simon Park more information: www.jowonder.com

Exhibition is on until 6th June 2012.

 St John on Bethnal Green is a grade one-listed church designed by Sir John Soane and opened in 1828. The church owns and permanently exhibits Chris Gollon’s ’14 Stations of the Cross’, commissioned in 2000 and installed in 2009. St John’s regularly holds exhibitions, music events and film screenings. The Belfry hosts contemporary art exhibitions and is a free gallery space allowing artists to respond to the architecture and ambience of its location, within the context of the building, the local community and geography.

200 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA 020 8980 1742 saintjohnon.bethnalgreen@virgin.net www.stjohnonbethnalgreen.org


About sandralouison
I have made loads of artistic contacts & would like to share knowledge with any other creative bods out there. I have a particular interest in the consultancy side liasing with artists, curators writers etc. Ilive in east london's london fields hackney area, which is thriving with artistic production. I like going to private views & other events on a regular basis which continues to widen my contacts.

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