“Crypt-mas” Artist call for submission

Illumini presents: Crypt-mas

Dead line: January 15th 2010

Applications are invited from artists of all disciplines, working in illumination. If your work glows or lights up in any way, we want to here from you. The theme is alternative Christmas; this can be broadly investigated and is left wide open for your creativity and imagination.

Crypt-mas will be a free alternative Christmas art experience, in December 2010, for all ages, created inside a subterranean labyrinth. The venue is a dark underground church crypt, with alcoves and arched ceilings, the fantastic setting and atmosphere, for an alternative Christmas grotto. Including children’s workshops and Illumini’s very own futuristic Santa (art Installation)

Illumini Event, Sep 2008, attracted over 3,000 people on its opening night and 7,145 guests during its two weeks. Artist’s from professionals-students gained commissions, sales and major press coverage and interviews through Illumini. We take promotion very seriously and have a great track record with our featured artists. Illumini promotes artist from any background and at any stage of their career.

For further details on how to submit please visit the submission page at www.illuminievent.co.uk


a place called limbo…Exhibition for one week only!!

Last night,  was the opening night of a group show featuring 10 artists Jane Grisewood; Harriet Heddon; Chris Koning; Mike Latto; Arabella Lee; John O’Connell; Kriton Papadopoulus; Claire Robertson; Pauline Thomas and Ken Wilder.

The context of this exhibition , originated from Arabella Lee’s subject matter of burial grounds in Ireland which lay unbaptised children, and the title of the show is taken from a poem written by Coleridge  “Limbo” as the focus.

The artists’ varied mediums of drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture, and installation responds to and explores this intermediate state.

With this historical element in mind, the works are exhibited in a very relevant space,  The Crypt Gallery beneath St Pancras Church, which is an array of passageways and vaults where many bodies have been laid to rest since the 19th century. The eerie underground atmosphere of this burial ground, alongside the damp smells that emanate from it evokes this past.

The two pieces of work which stood out for me , were Jane Grisewood’s installation “Between Time” made out of burnt pitta bread and suspended with nylon thread (pictured), and Pauline Thomas’  Bible and Prayer Book installation “Fettered from Flight”.


This exhibition is open daily 12-5pm until 14th March 2009.

For further details  see www.cryptgallery.org.uk